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The Lonely Sea in the Sky - Lucyite

Published onSep 30, 2019
The Lonely Sea in the Sky - Lucyite

The Lonely Sea in the Sky is a beautiful short about a geologist who suffered from Meinster’s Syndrome, having an “obsessive behavior related to the study of diamonds.” The short was told through the main character’s diary entries and other reports. Here are some of the entries that caught my attention:

“Shine On, You Crazy Diamond” entry: “You see that he knows he is making someone scream but it doesnt bother him, it doesnt matter, because he can get away with it.” There are so many interpretations:

  • Maybe she is talking about her circumstances: being trap deep in a hole by her best friend, Hala, and not being able to do what she loves.

  • Maybe she is referring to the diamond liquid as a living organism, thus by taking away some of the liquid, they are essentially tearing a part of her body. However, it does not really matter to humans, as long as we gain something (teleportation!). Sounds like climate change to me. How we are still destroying Earth, taking all the natural resources, burning the forest, contaminating the ocean, etc. And now Mother Nature is doing her part.

  • Maybe she is actually talking about women’s rights in real-life society. What women are going through, even in present time. This reminded me of Brock Turner who raped and assaulted an unconscious woman and got away with it (served only 3 out of his 6-month sentence!).


“A star to steer her by” entry: I thought the last entry was a beautiful and poetic twist to the story. Is the diamond a living thing? is it a parasite that infests its host? Is there something else that the author is trying to tell us?

It reminded me of Lucy, the movie. Evolution of the mind after a synthetic drug leaks into the host’s body enabling her to use her brain to the max potential.


In summary, this short made me think of how our society assumes that every woman on Earth is obsessed with diamonds. I guess, we are somewhat victim of the Meisner’s Syndrome, “obsessive behavior related to the study of diamonds.” Maybe not to the point of studying all its properties, but more like just obsessed with having in possession of one and the meanings behind it (what it represents). This short is another way of glamorizing diamonds and giving it life.

As always, spicing up the story with a bit of quantum mechanics is always welcome in science fiction. Heating diamond into its liquid form to enable teleportation explained through quantum entanglement. I’ll take it.

Fairy tales -> Fantasy -> Science Fiction -> Reality


For centuries, diamond has been considered a precious stone that signifies power, wealth, and status. Through monopolization and clever marketing, diamond became the engagement ring of choice to celebrate the union. I own one diamond ring, the small gem my husband gifted me during our engagement. In a way, this transfer of physical possession comes with its stories. It came with memories of how his father worked hard to buy this beautiful diamond ring to gift it to his mother. This diamond is like an engram, sealing away some of its living memory for the next generation. It is as if I am being teleported to his mother’s past from my present time. Maybe it is true, diamonds contain some sort of mystic power - it is pure and unbreakable. Staying with us forever (at least until we give them away).


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