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Build Yourself a SuperPower- Mind Control

Published onNov 04, 2019
Build Yourself a SuperPower- Mind Control

Yes, it is possible right now, but there are caveats.

1.You’d mostly be controlling an army of mice (it’s cool in Warhammer!)

Optogenetics has already made it possible to change the DNA of mice so that certain neurons respond to outside light sources and fire or suppress firing as a result. Scientists have already mind-controlled mice inducing behavior similar to drug addiction.

2.Assuming we could genetically engineer the same genes in people…

Ethics aside, let’s assume we can engineer newborns so some of their neurons respond to external light as well. It’s not clear we can actually do mind control in the highest sense; most of the examples with animals have controlled or induced behavior that has Pavlovian roots— depending on low-level biological preconditions; you could make someone addicted to sugar but not exactly make them want to join your quest to take over the world.

However, it would not be a useless superpower; you can make your enemies addicted to cake so they spend their time eating instead of committing crimes.

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