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The Lonely Sea in the Sky

Published onSep 30, 2019
The Lonely Sea in the Sky

The Lonely Sea in the Sky

Amal el-Mohtar

This world was created from a song, and what we’ve imagined for so long as “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” was formulated into a reality. The ideas of this world constantly link back to the song with one example of “shine” being the word for teleportation.

Reflective moments such as defining “a melee” in immeasurable terms, and imagining a diamond’s effect on meat, allowed for an alteration from more factual sections of the chapter; and jumping from idea generation of teleportation to completely fictional elements of Lucyite chips and the narrator’s disease, made it interesting to follow.

The concept of teleportation through understanding the heating mechanism of samples from a planet and was the strongest take-way from the reading. Although a 10 year projection from this fiction, it was explained in animated terms: by heating samples from Neptune, and transforming them into a liquid state, we could start to imagine travel through liquid as these would go back to the planet and mix with the ocean of diamond over there.


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