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In The Image of Man

Published onSep 30, 2019
In The Image of Man

The fast sketch above is what I imagined a mall might look like.

This week I read “In the Image of Man”, a story about a boy caught in a dangerous social system of forever loans. Set in an alternate universe (or future), Malls have taken over as institutions that house people and employ them. Everything outside of a Mall is old, grungy and destroyed. The fast sketch above is what I imagined it might look like. The story says that there are bigger, better malls to live in and with enough wealth, you might be able to move up. It is sort of an extreme capitalist society and to me was sort of a warning of what might happen if capitalism escalates, or if corporations had their ideal future. I liked the references to restaurants and stores that exist today, there is almost a menacing tone to the writing when something is referenced.


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