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Weird: Concrete Sidewalks

Published onOct 05, 2019
Weird: Concrete Sidewalks

Assignment: A quick Pub in which you either “Weird the normal and normal the weird” i.e , take a technology or process you find weird and explain how you would “normalize” it. What tools would you use? Or the opposite. Take something mundane and boring and describe how you would DE-normalize it to expose its true weirdness or exercise it. Include an image and a description.

credit: Piggybacking off a brainstorming idea we had in a City Science Hackathon (that didn’t get very far)

Weird: Fixed Concrete Sidewalks

Normal: E-Ink roads that dynamically adjust to pedestrians

How: Using large E-Ink tiles to change lane borders on a street depending on car and pedestrian traffic

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