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Artifact from the world of 2060 under digital nomadism

Published onDec 10, 2019

Background: The World of 2060 under Digital Nomadism


Artifact: Floating Paradise:

Prototyping: web-based and tangible design tool for the creation of floating paradise

While many digital nomads in 2060 constantly travel between ‘consumption paradise’ for leisure and use their time in transit to work online (through their personal devices), floating paradise provides another model with the integration of transportation and consumption paradise for nomads who travel through the sea.

Inspirations - concept:


The Diamond Age;

the Walking City;

Burning Man Festival

Inspirations - form:

Semi-submersive drilling rig

Materials for temporary facilities:

Sea-sand concrete; plastic waste; seacrete? (see Eakapob’s project)

Construction of temporary facilities:

Robotic construction (3D printed building); freight drone delivery

Base Unit:

42m x 42m modular floating platform as printing bed for temporary buildings


Base units acting like autonomous Ubers in the sea, assemble upon orders and disperse after a journey (temporary buildings being recycled after use)

Prototyping of the Design Tool

  1. Web-based paradise ordering platform ‘create your own paradise

Review your order before check out

Physical modules to play with the layout

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