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"Shotcelium" -> Mycology

a biodegradable future: adaptive materials for the responsive environment

Published onNov 18, 2019
"Shotcelium" -> Mycology

Mycelium is a self-assembling material formed by a study network of fungal fibers that are lightweight, durable and eco-degradable.

It is able to decompose plants and be combined with industrial or agricultural waste to produce new materials that are elastic, insulating, fire-resistant, moisture-resistant, vapor-resistant or sound absorbing.

As a natural and sensitive organism, mycelium can be grown and manipulated into different textures and shapes by adjusting temperature, light, humidity and gas levels in the environment, or apply organic methods to change how the tissue develops.

At this point, a customized casting mold made of bio-degradable material sounds promising for the upcoming future, which saves the energy cost, prevents the carbon emission, achieves the fabrication breakthrough and reduces the constructional wastes.

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