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Weird the Normal: the PS Move Controller

Published onOct 05, 2019
Weird the Normal: the PS Move Controller

The PS Move Controller seems not that exciting as many of the VR games related to this controller are just those mundane RPG games or conventional move and action games with gravity and motion control. For example, the tumble VR is one that you can use the controller to stack objects as high as possible, the Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is one that you can use two controllers at once as two guns.

I propose a wild change to the tangibility of the controller itself. As for right now, even tho the controller has real-world sensories like gravity and motion, the interaction between the controller and the user is still a single line input flow. The controller detects user activities but the feedback is out only in the digital product(in VR, screen visuals, etc). I suggest adding physical interaction to the controller for a closed-loop interaction. For example, the ball part of the controller can be breathable and soft material that will be blown bigger due to user input, or the handle part of the controller will change temperature related to user activities in-game. Moreover, the controller can even produce wind, smoke from the top or even become a water bomb. These physical interaction features can be done with heating metal, small power fan or other cheap add-ons.

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