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Thing From My Future: Glitter Tree Lotion

Published onNov 18, 2019
Thing From My Future: Glitter Tree Lotion

Thing From the Future

T - Forests

O - Lotion

M - Frustration

Note: I picked this one because of the large amount of lotion on my desk and these cards were hilarious and I miss body glitter as a concept. 

During the seasons on Kaleidoscope it is common for the trees to become frustrated in their environments and have reactions across their barks. This can be very inconvenient and in turn frustrating for humans on Kaleidoscope due to their need for the trees’ bark for building and artistic materials as well as maintaining the trees themselves for food and climate. Kaleidoscope gets very very dry in general, which is also frustrating for humans. 

Therefore the humans of Kaleidoscope have spent much time on making lotions for themselves and their trees. In particular glitter lotions, due to their expressive abilities. These lotions for the trees also include bug protection and vitamins to encourage their growth. Several pigments in the lotions also react to sun and additional light sources providing the opportunity for people to dance and perform with light in the woods and for some of the lotions to create bio-luminescence for the trees.

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