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Future Prosthetics

Both Functional and Privacy Preserving

Published onNov 11, 2019
Future Prosthetics


5 rounds of Thing From the Future, by yourself, at home, but using YOUR science fiction Universe as the "Arc" card. Pick the best of the 5 "objects" from the prompt and sketch it out.

Chosen Words:

  • ARC:

    • my world (future surveillance state with a focus on sensors embedded throughout the environment and people creating wearables to sense those sensors)


    • fashion


    • prosthetic

  • MOOD:

    • relief:


The “thing from the future” of my world is a new type of human prosthetic that is both fashionable and privacy-preserving. The prosthetics are not only functional for traditional tasks (e.g. walking, grasping, etc.) but are also embedded with a variety of sensors that can measure the environment and alert the user of nearby privacy intruders. Given the size of the prosthetics, especially ones that replace an entire limb, the user can fit a fair amount of light-weight sensing technology that is very much covert, making this type of sensor integration common across amputees. However, instead of blending into the user by looking like a natural body part, the limb’s are designed with an aesthetics-first design. The reason for this is that much of the sensing technology requires nothing covering the surface of the prosthetic (e.g. clothing) since this distorts the signal. So, the designers thought making the technology look pretty allows for robust sensing and also gives the wearer a reason to make it entirely visible (also allows for unique fashion) and not be questioned by law enforcement agents.

Given that these prosthetics are on the user, this opens up the capabilities of providing direct feedback to the user. This can take the form of a vibration motor or electric zap alerting the user of nearby sensors. Neural feedback technology exists but given the cost of neural integration and that the target audience for these prosthetics are for people across all economic scales, it is an uncommon technology to find.

Seeing how invasive current technology is and predicting how it gets worse, its a relief to see that people of the future are fighting back and that technology will exist to help the common person take back the world.

Pictures of modern fashionable prosthetics:

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