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LIFE-POD by Vandana Singh

“Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond”

Published onOct 08, 2019
LIFE-POD by Vandana Singh

I believe a prototype called life-pod have been showing in sci-fi movies, especially in universe and time travel topic movies for year. The basic function of the life-pod has been improved generation by generation, from the original one that could allow people to live in the deep, outer space, and afford an environment that sufficiently supplies human life, to the extra-fancy functions that can freeze people and pause their life, so that they can be re-aroused in a young age after centuries.

From my perspective, the life-pod can be build with more technologies that satisfy more functions. In the first place, I would suggest an idea if the pod can be minimized to a scale. For example, we can make the pod into an extreme portable form like a specimen, if people who live in the pod is going to be freeze for a “sleep mode”. In addition, the life-pod can be designed to afford the ability of teleport, while in life inside would not be influence, in another word, human can be transported through the life-pod without suffering another additional harm to their body because of the protection of shield.

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