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The Thing From The Future: Spirituality from the New World

Published onSep 30, 2019
The Thing From The Future: Spirituality from the New World

CARDS: [Arc] Grow (few years), [Terrain] Music, [Object] Snack, [Mood] Weirdness

I’m not a religious person, but there’s an emptiness inside us that pushes us towards transcendence.

All of the world religions didn’t provide adequate proof for the god(s) they professed so we did away with them. But there is something religion does well- implicitly and perhaps unknowingly finding loopholes or cracks in our psyche and playing psychological tricks on us. Think of cathedrals built tall and large to make a human feel small in the presence of God. Or church music connecting people and uplifting their “spirit”, if there is one. So how does spirituality look like in the modern age?

We can engineer away philosophy, and spirituality comes in synesthetic snacks for different flavors of the “divine”. Somehow the snack can convert to the experience of music once ingested. If you want to keep it secular and akin to meditation, you can get something of the Buddhist or zen flavor- quiet and relaxing and in tune with the universe. If you miss something with more impact and the comfort of a personal deity watching over you, something like Christian Church music may be your flavor.


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