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Ice Cream Trucks: Stranger (No) Danger?

Weird the Normal

Published onOct 07, 2019
Ice Cream Trucks: Stranger (No) Danger?

Ice cream trucks fascinate me.

Not just because they deliver happiness on wheels. Or that the neighbors don’t mind the funky music. It’s the fact that “stranger danger” logic need not apply, especially considering their target population is children.

Think about it - it’s basically a van. For a child, approaching a stranger’s vehicle is a no-no and eating a stanger’s food is a recipe for disaster, or so we’re told. But both are void when the van’s got posters of treats and the child is walking up with money in hand.

Additionally, the ice cream truck is usually a well-built metal fort with only a small serving window. So if you happen to get inside, there are lots of places you could be out of sight. It’s also meant to be driven around neighborhoods which means a “quick getaway” has a solid business justification.

Anyway, here are some images:

Interesting Mascot

This one is giving off IT vibes

Something is off…

A different take on “ICE”

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