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Spidey Sense

Published onNov 04, 2019
Spidey Sense

The Spidey Sense, seen in the marvel comic book, “Spiderman” refers to an ability to sense imminent danger. A sort of sixth sense, this power allows Spiderman to sense oncoming attacks. Its usually depicted as a tingling at the base of the skull, but has also been seen as itchiness and chills.“ It has bee seen to “[alert] him to personal danger in proportion to the severity of that danger” (“Spiderman’s Powers and Equipment”, Wikipedia) It seems to be active at the subconscious level, able to piece together Spiderman’s surroundings, pre-recognizing signs of danger instantaneously, causing him to react instantaneously. He is able to sense danger in close combat situations.

A recreation of the Spidery sense might involve a vibrating mini motor disk, attached to the back of the neck. This motor disk may be connected to an array of proximity sensors around the body. By placing the proximity sensors on areas of the body that are likely to be hit in combat, a “spidery-sense” may be emmulated. When a proximity sensor is triggered, the disk at the back of the neck begins to vibrate.

At a larger scale, cameras may be placed around a room to detect bodies, both proximity and possibly even weapons.

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