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Weird the Normal - Responsive Mechanism

NanoTech on MicroBots for Wearables

Published onOct 08, 2019
Weird the Normal - Responsive Mechanism
  • Mundane: Traditional Wearables

Clothing plays a very significant role in human daily life. Though nowadays more and more smart clothing have been invented, the basic principle of those creative work are will simply adding a bunch of technologies onto the wearables, rather than change it from the most fundamental level.

  • DE-normalize: Nano Materials

The micro robots exiting now are still in a “big” size that it can hardly being used like a particle or an element to compose a new mechanism. Imaging this, what if we can make a piece of sheet or fabric-like cloth of hundreds of thousand bots.

  • Weirdness: Adaptive Transformation

Here is a reason I purpose to use super-micro robots to make cloth - it can create a new mechanism that the user could control through some sort of interface. A wearables that like Mystique’s skin, can be off-limit from the original material’s responsive feature, and can switch any mode according to one’s need.

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